Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only remodel kitchens and bathrooms?

We have a great depth of experience in kitchens and bathrooms, large and small. But, with our cumulative 60+ years experience in the remodeling industry, we have also designed, supplied, constructed, and installed for virtually every other type of residential remodel project.

What is the new kitchen or bath going to cost me?

The size of the kitchen or bath area and the products a customer selects makes the difference in price. We offer a wide range of products to achieve almost everyone’s budget.

Do you install your products? Do you have your own installers?

We work closely with highly experienced and reputable area sub-contractors to make sure your job goes smoothly. If you have a contractor in mind for your project, please let your designer know.

Are you competitive?

We’re very competitive in our pricing. As we have seen repeatedly over the years, when it comes to comparisons between one quote and another, it’s critical that the quotes compare apples to apples.

Referrals are an important part of our business. We get people all the time who come to us because they’ve been referred by a friend or neighbor of theirs, or a builder or plumber they’re working with. They like what we’ve done for them, and they may come in and ask for a specific designer as a direct result. Based on the referral, they already have a certain comfort level just coming in the door.

What’s the normal lead time on ordering and receipt of materials?

These are two important planning considerations, especially if you’re doing a remodel that will disrupt your household for weeks at a time. Generally speaking, the process takes between two and eight weeks, start to finish. There have been projects that are completed in a shorter and longer period of time. The process starts with the customer making the decision on what they want. That involves meeting with the designer, doing the floor and wall specs, and ordering whatever the selected products are. There are often second thoughts about initial selections that come into play, and that can impact the process, involving more meetings with the designer.

What our designers will ask you

Do you have a contractor you’re working with?

This is important for us to know because there’s a lot of coordination between the designer and builder that has to take place in terms of build details, like when the rough framing is done, because the designer will need to visit and take the measurements, We will not order anything for your kitchen or bath project until we visit your home and do the necessary measuring.

What is your budget?

Price eventually governs the kitchen and bath outcome, so asking what is your budget is an important question for us to ask you. Depending on the figure you provide us, we can select and design a kitchen or bath that will meet both your budget and your expectations.

For a kitchen project, what about your appliances?

Whether you purchase new appliances or keep the ones you have, we need to know the overall dimensions to fit them properly in your design.

Do you want to show your best china and other serving dishes?

When it comes to kitchen cabinets and hutches, do you want to show your dinner service? If so, we can select glass doors or hutches to accomplish that. It then becomes part of our design.

Have a different question? Let us know!