“My wife, Lisa, and I have worked with Eagle River Cabinets on the cabinetry for all of our construction and remodeling projects, including our offices in Madison and our home in the Northwoods. The professionalism and knowledge base of everyone at Eagle River Cabinets makes the company an obvious choice. And they always make the entire process easy, from planning to design to installation. We get the best of both worlds with Eagle River Cabinets – big-city variety and quality, small-town focus on customers. We’re lucky to have a cabinet company this good right here in our community.”

Mark C. Rose, CEO and President

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The people that work at Eagle River Cabinets are very friendly and helpful on the phone. We both have jobs, so we have limited time in our schedules, and I know the cabinet shop doesn’t have just one customer, but it always felt that when we went there that they had time for us, and they could answer the questions we had to have answered.

Doug & Shannon Steiner

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Jarred never did pressure us on upgrading as far as cost – to us what was more important was getting a quality material that we knew was going to last. I think Eagle River is lucky to have a quality business like Eagle River Cabinets. Jarred and his staff do an excellent job. They’re very knowledgable and easy to work with. It makes a stressful remodel building go about as easy as it can go.

Greg Grembam

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